Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Too old for hip-hop, so to speak . . .

. . . or "Geezers on the dance floor"

I've probably mentioned that I've decided to apply the same, er, semi-logic to my year of aveilut (mourning) for my mother that I apply to S'firah--I try not to listen to music, but I do go Israeli folk dancing because it's the only exercise I get.

So there I was at Ruth Goodman's Monday night session at the Kraft Center (Columbia University/Barnard College Hillel) when she started teaching a new dance. Partly through the dance instruction, she demonstrated a hop--and three of us alte geezers left the circle immediately, two with bad knees and yours truly with a bad foot. You can't keep a dancer down, but you can sideline one temporarily. Ah, for the good old days when I could dance for hours without even noticing it.

The irony of the fact that Ruth Goodman is older than I am is not lost on me.


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